Light Byte Org

This site was made with the purpose of showing my work and interests to possible customers and recruiters. Additionally, all my professional life I've been learning from other people who shared their knowledge and it's my intention to share mine as well through this site.

This site itself is built with PHP over the CakePHP framework in the server side. In the client side it's built with HTML, CSS and jQuery JavaScript Library. The HTML is generated with the 960 Fluid Grid System CakePHP plugin.

About the author

Pedro Martín Valenciano

My name is Pedro Martín Valenciano. I was born in 1979 in Madrid, Spain. I didn't see the Computer as a tool for developing till I was 18, when I joined the university for my Computer Science studies.

At the end of my studies I enrolled in a software development company where I worked mainly with C++ client-server applications on Windows platform. Also, since I finished studies I have always been building web applications in my spare time. And about two years ago I started developing applications for Android platform.

To know more details about my professional life visit my linkedin.

My HTML5 CV in spanish